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fnc: interactive text-based fossil user interface

02 Mar 2023

This is a long overdue announcement for a project I have been developing for a while.

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fossil self-hosting repository server on openbsd

20 Jun 2020

With my preferred Git repository hosting provider preparing to introduce some changes that don't cohere with my philosophical ideals, I finally decided to make the move to Fossil. Git has never been favoured but its ubiquity made it hard to ignore. The OpenBSD development of got was more than a desireable improvement but now that I needed to self-host, there was no longer an obstacle to using Fossil that could be avoided by staying with Git—and so I switched. Fossil is super simple, clean, and consistent—making source code management and version control easy. In the same vein, installation and setup is just as painless. On that note, the following presumes an OpenBSD 6.7 installation.

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sourcehut: open source software development platform

27 Sep 2019

With the ubiquity of Git, there's always the question of where do I host my code? Github is obviously the dominant domain for developers but I can understand the reluctance of many free and open source software proponents to use an entirely closed source system. And with the new owners, it's an even less appealing prospect—particularly for those who have been around a little longer than Gen Z. Sure, there's a surfeit of options but the majority are, for the most part, Github clones.

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