I am a Computer Science student majoring in Software Engineering. I enjoy reading and writing code, and my preferred language by a very wide margin is C. I am also comfortable with C++, D, Java, Python, shell, and LaTeX. My daily driver is a ThinkPad running OpenBSD -current. I also have an iMac and MacBook Pro, both of which are rarely used. I administer several Virtual Private Servers in various locations, one of which hosts this site.

As a supporter of free and open source software, I contribute to different projects; chief among them are Game of Trees and Fossil. I have also authored projects I hope others enjoy using. Some of these can be found on the projects page.

This site was initially created due to a dearth of up-to-date and reliable OpenBSD guides; admittedly, this is because it just works and works really well! Not to mention, exceptional documentation in the OpenBSD FAQ and manual pages already provide what is needed. Invariably, however, further explanation and/or tweaks are desired, and documenting such information may benefit my future self–if not other users–in the administration of OpenBSD boxen. Its purpose may since have evolved, but bsdbox is still largely focused on OpenBSD and hacking in general.

As an Internet privacy advocate with concerns over user privacy in the digitial milieu of the Internet Age, I observe a set of principles; the following items define the subset that pertains to the protection of privacy in the administration of this site:

As a parallel, there will be no attempt to use site engagement for marketing, advertising, or promotional purposes.

Should you have any questions or concerns, would like to collaborate, or think I could help, please send correspondence via any of the abovementioned links.

send comments to mark AT jamsek DOT net

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