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unix simplicity vs. hardware complexity

24 Oct 2019

On Day 1 of #Unix50, Timothy Roscoe presented an interesting talk concerning the implications of running the brilliantly simple Unix design that was an apt fit on the hardware of yesteryear on the increasingly complex systems of today.

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50 years of unix

20 Oct 2019

However, something else happened that summer which you won’t find in most history books… a Bell Labs researcher named Ken Thompson created the first version of Unix, which turned out to be one of the most important pieces of computer software ever invented.

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serenityos: a graphical unix-like operating system

18 Oct 2019

If you're even slightly interested in systems programming, a Unix afficionado, or simply appreciative of highly motivated, intelligent, and genuinely good people, and aren't already aware of Andreas Kling, you'll most definitely enjoy subscribing to his YouTube channel. Andreas regularly shares screencasts of his impressively productive hacking sessions where you'll find him hacking on Serenity—a Unix-like operatng system that he's built from the ground up, entirely from scratch—or catch his candid and enlightening commute talks where he answers questions submitted by followers while sharing personal insights and experiences from his life as a programmer who has worked at places like Apple, and been part of development teams working on projects like WebKit. Andreas is engaging and refreshingly honest, obviously brilliant but authentic and humble—and principled. There are some lessons that can only be learned by living through them, and the perspective provided by those lived experiences paints a pretty clear picture and enables a keen sense of discernment that Andreas personifies; there's more to learn from his videos than how to improve as a programmer. But if you just want to watch a man hack, there's plenty of that too!

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