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study note taking and revision

30 Jul 2019

The second semester of 2019 commenced today, which brought to the forefront of my mind how I would study and prepare for the forthcoming assessments and exams. And so I thought I'd share my study strategy, and the tactics I use toward executing said strategy, which to date has resulted in a distinguished academic achievement. I suppose I should emphasise that I don't necessarily set out to achieve High Distinctions as a primary goal, but to learn the course content *well*—and the HD grades are an appreciated bonus. A fortunate byproduct of the whole process. But the pursuit of knowledge—a concerted effort to thoroughly synthesise the course material into a genuine, useable understanding—is the driving force. And I'd aver that this mindset is predicated on a genuine interest of the subject matter. Without it, any earnest effort would be short-lived if not entirely futile. Motivation is finite, so all (enduring) achievement is dependent on discipline, which we simply cannot produce for successive years if doing a task we don't enjoy. At least, I don't believe we're capable of such a thing but that could be a reflection of myself more than an accurate observation of humanity. Back on task, though: studying.

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computer science: first thoughts

21 May 2019

As the end of the session draws near, I came to a few realisations about my move to ECU.

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